As we wrap up Lulu Nostalgia Reflections Season 6, we’re eager to hear from all of you – our amazing participants and parents! 🌟 Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we strive to make our events even better in the future.

Here are a few prompts to guide your feedback:

  1. Memorable Moments: Were there any specific moments during the competition that stood out to you or your child? Perhaps a particularly beautiful drawing, a new technique learned, or a fun interaction with fellow participants?
  2. Level of Engagement and Interactivity: How engaged and excited did you or your child feel during the event? Did the competition format and activities keep you or your child entertained and interested throughout? Please rate the level of engagement and interactivity on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.
  3. Technical Experience: Were there any technical difficulties encountered while participating in the competition? We’re always looking to improve the technical aspects to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  4. Suggestions for Improvement: Do you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can make future seasons of Lulu Nostalgia Reflections even better? Your feedback is invaluable in helping us shape future events.

Please share your feedback in the comments below. Your insights will help us continue to create engaging and memorable experiences for young artists like you. Thank you for being a part of Lulu Nostalgia Reflections Season 6! we can’t wait to hear from you! ✨🖌️🌟

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